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Transforming Your Life One Moment at a Time
DISCLAIMER from Kimberly regarding the testimonials received. Every testimonial is due
to the individual's experience. The only way one grows is through their willingness, openness
and commitment to the process of LIFE Coaching& Spiritual Mentoring. If the following did
not do the work, the testimonials would not exist.  I am a teacher, advisor and mentor - the
rest is up to each client and they deserve 100% of the credit for their results.  

It has been such a pleasure and blessing to work with Kimberly Barclay. She is a gifted healer,
problem solver, and source of calm encouragement or excited cheerleader depending on what
is needed at the moment. Kimberly's skill at getting to the base of a situation and looking for
solutions is key to making progress. Nurturing like your mom - she always loves you and also
expects you to take care of your stuff and keep moving forward! Insight, thoughts, ideas, and
skills Kimberly has shared with me have served me not only in the situation of that moment, but
also in other aspects of my life as well. Her effect has been far reaching in my life and I am so
very happy to work with her and to be part of Moment Connections!  Jeanne Sayer, Massage
Therapist  "

~"Wow!  It is hard to put into a few words how much Kimberly and Moment Connections has
touched my life, but I will do my best. Kimberly truly has a gift.  A gift that has the ability to tap
into the recesses of your mind, heart and spirit.  She can pull hidden resources from you that
you never knew you had.  From playing The Encounter on two separate occasions, group
workshops and having personal one-on-one coaching from Kimberly , I have discovered me!  
I mean the REAL me.  It blows me away knowing what I am actually capable of. Through the
compassion, the talent, and the intuition that Kimberly possesses, I have a new lease on life.    -
From the bottom of my heart to the top of my spirit... I thank you!" - Stacie~

"Your services go beyond that of a life coach. You truly have a gift, and you offer it to those
who are ready to see their life differently. In coaching, we worked through so many personal
things, but in Boot Camp, it's all in your face, no excuses, no distractions, it's right there in front
of you. This has honestly changed my life, and I'm beginning to see positivity instead of
poverty, the joy of living every day rather than struggling through it. You have a fire about
yourself, and the motivation and passion with which you share are a true testament to how
much you believe in what you're saying; which is to get off your butt, and get real with life! It
may not be easy, but oh, so worth it! I adore you, and you ROCK!"  - Daniela

I’ve been going to therapy for quite some time and Kimberly has been a client of mine for a
long time.  Every time she would come into my shop we would talk and I would always feel so
good afterward.  I was seeing a Life Coach at the time. When she became a Life Coach I
attended a few of her workshops in Canyon Country and loved them.  I talked her into doing a
workshop at my salon and at my home and was seeing another therapist at the time.  I
mentioned to her that I liked her style of coaching but Canyon Country seemed too far away
for my busy schedule.  Kimberly suggested phone coaching.  I was very hesitant but after our
first phone session, I was “hooked”.  I felt like I was talking to her in person and sitting across
from her.  It felt just as effective as meeting in person which I did experience with another
coach.  Her style of coaching is like a cross between self help books and coaching.  What I
have learned since working with Kimberly is to be kinder to myself and to enjoy my journey of
life more.  My relationships with my family and friends have improved – and even my
relationship with my dog!  I have more patience and see in a more loving way.  It’s a lot of
work but it is worth it.  When I don’t do the work I feel numb, like I’m just existing and like a
car on the 405 freeway at rush hour.  When I do the work I feel so alive and just want to hug
someone! I realize I can give more to others as I give to myself!  - Marisa Cardenas,
Styist/Owner, Head to Toe Salon 310.338.8689

~"When I  started seeing Kim, my life was a mess.  I was drained physically and mentally.  (I
went from being a successful and confident entrepreneur to being depressed, lacking
confidence and losing belief in myself).  My brother had passed away, I had a difficult breakup
with a girl I loved very much, and several business ventures were unsuccessful.  For the first
time in my life I needed help!  Since coming to see Kim, I have made a complete 180 degree
turn around.  I feel great, I am stable, I am happy and I am headed on the right track
financially.  No longer am I spiritually or financially bankrupt.  Not everyday is a good day -
not all situations are great, but I have a solid foundation and a deeper knowledge and
awareness and it is all because of the help Kim has given me.  Kim is amazing!  She is tough
when she needs to be and soft at other times.  She listens and gives advice. She has this
amazing intuition and can tell if something is wrong and you are not being truthful.  Kim has
given me the tools needed to succeed.  I recommended her to a friend and I will continue to do
so. Kim has a'll see... "  - Steve Eid~

~Kimberly, I want to thank you for your guidance and encouragement over these past few
months.  As you know, I have struggled in the process, many times feeling like your
information has gone in one ear, and then out the other,  as soon as I stepped outside your
door and into the "world".  If this was a graded situation, I would have received a big fat "F"
for not turning in my homework assignments! But luckily, you accept late assignments!  Now,
as I gather all the handouts and notes I've taken and received, its a wonderful journey to
compile my own "cookbook", as you always referred to finding  the "recipe" for me.
Everything is finding its place and is so meaningful to me now. You see,  after this time on my
slow but steady personal journey, I am starting to make the connection, and I am so excited
about it.   I am so glad I have continued to see you even when I didn't feel like it, or wondered
if I would ever "get it", because if I had stopped, where would I be now....right back at square
1, having to start down the road again.  There is such a satisfaction, a feeling of being proud
and a sense of accomplishment when I walk into your office now because I have done the
homework.  Not perfect of course, but perfect enough for me and who I am.   I am having the
dialogue I need to have with myself, feeding myself the information you have given me.  I am
seeing myself as a good investment who is worth putting the  time and money into.  So
Kimberly, thank you for all your guided help and reintroducing me to my Divine Spirit.  I am so
excited as I am learning  to live my journey in the present moment now. Smiles and Cheers!NC

~"Kimberly has been my rock, her passion is contagious and it has given me the inspiration and
accountability that I needed to structure a weight-loss plan that has worked for me and my
lifestyle. Be open to her knowledge and motivation and it will help you to define your goals and
change your life!" - Jody H.~

~“Kimberly, Thank you for matter what has happened from our first session
until now, you always find what feels like to me the perfect words that warm my heart, breathe
life into my soul...and that sense of humor that keeps me giggling.  You are
real and honest
even when I didn't want to hear what you had to say...your loving honesty gave and still gives
me strength...and for that I pray you are always safe and joyously happy.   You said so many
beautiful things the other day...some of which you should consider putting on magnets so
people can put on their refrigerators. I will re-read your e-mail again and again...if need be.”  -

~"I can attest to Kimberly's expertise, passion, and professionalism for her clients!! She and
her methods have transformed my life allowing my dreams to flourish! Without her teaching me
I would not be in the position I am today. She is absolutely wonderful and her passion is
contagious!! If you have not utilized Kimberly I say very strong that you MUST!! :o)"- Shelley
Winsor, Personal Stylist, Shelley Chic/818-470-0444

~"About Kimberly….Briefly…the most genuinely concerned, compassionate people I have
ever met. A person, who is uniquely different than others.  Funny, even though I have had
periods in my life where I haven’t spoken to Kim in a year or more…I’d be lost without her.   
Kim is a born counselor – a fresh breath when you’re choking on despair." - Frank~

~"I have been blessed enough to work with Kimberly in varied activities, individually and in
groups, in person and on the phone. Her energy, understanding, and peace shine through in
every situation. I am continuously overwhelmed by her concern and care for me. With her
help, I continue to reach my goals and find bliss". -Melissa~

~"Last year my son, Devin, was flunking out of high school; simply because he had no
motivation to do his school work.  He is very intelligent and a good kid.  He simply would
rather play video games or hang out with his friends than do school work.  Devin always
thought he could do the minimum amount of effort and still get by.  Since Kimberly started to
work with him at the end of his junior year, my husband and I have seen an amazing turn
around.  Kimberly has motivated Devin to look forward and see that he needs to make an
effort in life if he wants to achieve his goals.  She has worked with him in setting goals, creating
an affirmation to graduate from high school, as well as his future goals after high school.  Devin
talks about his life in the future now with clarity and understanding and feels he can do what he
sets out to do if he makes a plan and has faith.  It amazed me when Devin came home and
repeated so many things that my husband and I have told him for years, but we are just the
parents.  Having someone else to talk to has opened Devin up and he listens to Kimberly’s
directions and suggestions.  Even Devin comments on how nice it is to have someone to talk to
outside of the family.  Now Devin is in his senior year and is carrying a 3.57 grade point
average and we have even received calls from his teacher that has known him over the years
and she has commented on how much more responsible and reliable he has become.  It was a
great feeling to get a call from a teacher that wanted to brag about my son.  Kimberly has
helped Devin to make a 180 degree turn and I can see Devin using her advice and expertise
through the rest of his life.  She has taught him true life know-how and skills. Thank you so
much Kimberly; you are amazing." - Dan and Cyndi Diaz~

~"I just love going to see Kimberly!   She has a real talent to bring things to light that I need to
deal with and gives me tools to deal with them easier than it would be for me to figure it out on
my own.  That being said, in no way does she take away my personal power;  her intuition
seems to enhance it even more!   With the tools we set in place in our sessions,  it makes it
easier for me to move through a situation.   I have grown a lot since our first session just a few
months ago and I will continue to grow with ongoing sessions.  When I leave a session with
Kimberly, I feel very grounded and enlightened at the same time.  It's a wonderful feeling!!!" -
Lori Schneider~

"Dear Kimberly,  I also wanted to say thanks and let you know I really enjoyed our session
once again. I feel a little stronger and more directed every time I leave your office.  I'm so glad
our paths have crossed and the direction I'm going with your help.  You earn every dollar I
have spent on your services and I very much appreciate your effort and the dedication you put
into what we work to accomplish.  I am looking forward to our next session and continuing to
move forward, I'm sure you'll guide me to something perfect, you always have." - Sincerely,

The following are testimonials from "Emerging As the Butterfly" Retreat

"There really are not words to describe how phenomenal this experience was for me.  The
work begins the minute that you make the commitment to emerge as the butterfly.  Kimberly
has a special gift and is able to (with love) help you see parts of yourself that you may be too
afraid to look at.  We laughed and cried and by the end of the retreat we knew that we were
all different women, we had become butterflies."  - Tora Brown -

"I would recommend this retreat because it helps you to remember who you truly are - Spirit, a
spiritual being having a human experience.  The retreat does this through stories, music,
laughter, games and connection.  It is all the best summer camps you went to as a child but the
lessons are grown-up, eternal and necessary for a complete and happy life.  Do this. You will
be thrilled you did." - Cindy Kobler

"I would highly recommend this retreat because it is the perfect place and service to get real.  I
felt loved and supported enough to trust this group with my innermost fears, pain, insecurities
and secrets.  Kimberly is amazingly connected to the divine and KNOWS what we need.  She
giving for our highest and best good, not holding back but ALWAYS, ALWAYS,
ALWAYS exuding unconditional love.  There is no experience in my life so far that has
brought me such clarity, healing and love."  - Ellen Young

"I recommend this retreat for anyone who needs to believe in themselves, for someone who
needs to love themselves unconditionally and/or who needs to let go of attachments that they
have been carrying inside themselves for many years.  I recommend them taking this
Wonderful Butterfly Retreat with Kimberly.  It is very inspirational!! I feel alive, I feel free!!" -
Ronna Tamburro

"I recommend this retreat because, put simply, I can now let go, forgive and love.  I have let go
of the past and the baggage it created.  I have forgiven all the people that have hurt me the
most, and I have forgiven the most important person... myself.  I am able to love freely, give
openly and trust that all is divine.  I am reconnected with my divine self.  And I connected with
four other beautiful women that supported me in the entire process.  Come to this retreat if you
are ready to find your inner beauty."  - Keltie

From an attendee’s perspective regarding Meditation Classes -

“Hi Kimberly -Thank you so much for the incredible class last night and for being my guide
through this incredible journey.  It is a beautiful experience and I am so blessed to have found
my way to you. - Have a blessed day” Ellen

From a few  attendees perspective regarding SWIM classes:  

"I'm getting exactly what I need from your group, and I had the feeling when I met
you that this was the place that I would finally find my answers to so many questions
of what keeps me from my happiness, what is really getting in my way. I've been in
therapy and coached but this work is the deepest that I've found. It is not easy but
very necessary for me to live the life that I know I deserve.... So, my dearest, Kimberly, I
thank you from the bottom of my heart for being in my life and helping me on this arduous
journey."Much love, Denise Van Arsdale-West Certified Professional Co-Active Coach Pick
Up The Pieces Life Coaching, 661-714-9404

"Hi Kimberly.  It was a wonderful meeting last night. I truly enjoyed it and everyone there. You
are amazing, you pull/bring out the best in people and make it seem effortless. What a gift you
have."  Phillis Stacy-Brooks, Principal, Main Street Graphics

From a few who have participated in a Vision Board Class:

"I feel so blessed to have met you. Love just being around your light. Thank you for your wise
words and encouragement last night."  Martha Crivelli

" Last night I met the most amazing person Kimberly Barclay of Moment Connections. She
taught us how to do our vision board and when I left her I had a purpose, a direction and she
said I've had it all along! Go figure! I'm excited to live and witness this board come to life! MY
LIFE! Thank you Kimberly!!!"  Cindy Kuykendall

"Thank you so much for having us tonite... I hung my board as soon as i got home... you are
truely an inspiration ~ and I am so thankful our paths crossed in that line a few years back..."  
Bonnie Shierts