Kimberly Barclay, M.A. Spiritual Psychology
Certified Life and Career Coach,
Spiritual Mentor & Passionate Speaker
My mission is to help my clients live fully engaged in each precious moment of
their lives while having more joy, peace, prosperity and laughter.  My services
are dedicated to helping committed individuals create and live the life of their
dreams, through clarity, intention, gratitude, faith, surrender and consciously
using the magnificent universal Law of Attraction.
Life and Career Coaching Explained by Kimberly
My Mission - by Kimberly
Whether you are looking for guidance in a specific area of your life, or ready
for a major overhaul, I can help you help yourself.  If you are tired of being
tired or just want more joy, my services are for you.  I can assist you in finding
out the purpose of your Soul and how you can live the life you were meant to
live.  I will help you walk through fear, or other barriers and obstacles that
exist.  I will provide you with tools that will enable you to have more joy,
abundance and connection to the precious moments in your life.

We will create steps to get you where you want to go, remembering that the
most important part of the process is the journey.    All I ask is that you are
willing and open to receive the guidance and tools necessary to get connected
to your life's purpose with a willingness to allow me to coach you as a coach
does for any game.  This GAME is the GAME of life which is the master
GAME.  I teach you how to let go of the old conditioned game which is Going
Along Merged with the Ego and replace it with a new empowered GAME of
Giving the Authentic-Self More Energy.  

I also ask that you are committed, practice outside of sessions and take and
record action steps to propel you forward.
About Moment Connections
Moment Connections
Transforming Your Life One Moment at a Time
Kimberly Barclay of Moment Connections is a
Coach and Spiritual Mentor within every cell of
her being.  Her professional goal is to help
clients live in the moment, embrace all of life,
and enjoy the journey while achieving their
dreams.  Her techniques are specifically
designed to provide peace, happiness, total
fulfillment and joy.  

For the past 24 years she has been studying
personal development, the Law of Attraction,
transcending the ego, counseling and spiritual
psychology.  She is dedicated to helping her
clients break through  obstacles that may be
holding them back from living the life they are
capable of living.  

Integration of body, mind and spirit

You work on 4 realms for balance:
physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

You look at your life in a way to promote peace and balance

You learn to let go of reacting to the outside world and let go of
self-identification and self-sabotage to relieve stress

You learn what it means to live from a place of being present and in the
to achieve focus and clarity

You learn to see yourself and others through the eyes of unconditional love
and non-judgment to promote well being

You learn tools to cope with anything that comes into your life from a place
of non-resistance, acceptance and resiliency

You learn how to let go of the past and stop worrying about the future so you
can live your life to the fullest now rather than just existing
Background of Moment Connections - by Kimberly
This business has been a work in progress for many years.  As I reflect over
my life I now see how each moment has been connected to create this
business.  All of the jobs, uncertainties, addictions, people and tears were
connected, showing me what I needed to do with the rest of my life.  After a
strong determination to live the life of my dreams, it showed up.  It was an
amazing moment for me, a moment that provided the name Moment
Connections.  A moment that I want to help others achieve.  

There will be many more moments of enlightenment.  I am on journey of
constant improvement and helping others.  I am more excited with my life than
I ever have been (Dr. Phil would be happy).  I have always believed that
everything happens for a reason. I have always tried to make sense of
everything and figure all of this life stuff out and why things have happened to
development, spiritual awareness, letting go of attachments, addiction
recovery, the ego and the Authentic Self, and how to be happy and joyful for
over 25 years.  I have much to share with anyone who is looking for
guidance.  I do realize now that figuring everything out does not serve me but
it has been instrumental in part of my own journey of letting go.  As I let go I
began to see  and know truth from the nonthinking mind.

I began my Master's Program in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in
Spiritual Psychology 14 years ago at the University of Santa Monica, and have
used that invaluable foundation to propel me into this career.  I have attended
classes instructed by Rick Jarow,, Jewel Diamond Taylor
,, Jeannie Fitzsimmons ,  
Deepak Chopra  , Lisa Nichols,, Jack
Canfield,,and Neale Donald Walsch,

My intensive and extensive Life and Career Coaching Certification training was
through Life Purpose Institute -  As well as
becoming a Certified Wellness Guide for the Self Mastery workshop called
"The Encounter" with Sandra McKee, I am also a
Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® with Doreen Virtue  

I also love sharing my message with large groups and have spoken on the Law
of Attraction and The Art of Living A Spiritual Life.  I also speak to college
students regarding addiction recovery and a have been touched by the warmth
and receptivity of the students.   

After years of working with individuals from all walks of life I have come up
with a program that is works on all levels - physical, emotional, spiritual, and
mental.  This work takes what I refer to as a "Spiritual Warrior" and it is very
"hands on".  Every client begins with a package of 5 to commit to embarking
on the journey, yet revealing after 5 sessions if we are indeed a match for this
type of process of letting go, and if you are ready and willing to do the work
required for the type of shift in consciousness I teach my students during the
spiritual mentoring process  

If we are indeed a match, the process will go smoothly with continuous
insights, upliftment, access to joy and more freedom and a movement toward
the most fulfilling life possible for you.  

I also hold individual sessions that are very specifically focused on one
concrete isolated issue to come to a  resolution in a single session.  
Her victory over addiction is an example of turning a life of quiet and hidden
underlying despair into a life of ultimate possibility.  Her stories of turning
challenges into opportunities help her clients understand and find their own
life's purpose.  She has been referred to as "the Soul Squeezer" and her
warmth and passion are evident in all that she does.  Her clients range in age -  
from 6 - 62. Personalized sessions, support groups, classes and workshops are
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