All I ask of you is a willingness and openness to receive guidance and use the tools
necessary to get connected to your desires.A discovery of your life's purpose is
inevitable.I also ask that you take small steps that will produce big results.

My goal is to give you the tools you need to achieve anything your heart desires.My
sessions are meant to make the most out of your valuable time and point you in the
direction you want to go.  

Coaching is not a short term fix.It is a commitment to yourself and to the process of
making yourself a priority in your own life.  

I will send you a start up package prior to a session that includes questions for you to
answer to provide information that will make the most our your sessions.I will use this to
begin a personalized plan that is specifically geared toward your current life, past history
and future goals and dreams.Our work will be action-oriented and a meet-in-the-middle
approach so you get the results you desire while learning and growing along the way.  

If you would like to be on my mailing list for upcoming events and inspirational emails I
send when inspired, please email me with your contact information at   

I am currently holding workshops, classes and seminars, primarily in the Santa Clarita
area, with some being offered in the Los Angeles area as well.I will be adding virtual
workshops and teleseminars in the future.   

Until we meet - enjoy the moments of your life!

Please see "SERVICES AND FEES" for more info or "UPCOMING EVENTS"
Mailing Address:
18940 Felbridge Street,
Canyon Country, CA 91351
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