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Moment Connections
Transforming Your Life One Moment at a Time
My Poetry
What is left is the essence of you

When you strip away all that you desire

When you let go of the things you so desperately “need”
A revelation of truth from inside you will see

When you stop running and doing so incessantly
You realize what brings joy can simple to just be

A still moment, a quiet mind, a peaceful, open heart
Abundance is seen as life begins to be lived as an art

If you find yourself yearning  and searching for more
Is all leading you back to an inner door

For there is truly nowhere in life to really get to
All you are wishing for is simply found inside of you

The door to your heart is where you will open so wide
Feeling all of your feelings and shifting inside
An explosion of joy breaking down all the walls
A reason to get up and take care of it all

The things you avoided, all of the sudden you do
The energy to do more for pure joy comes from the depth of you

A full engagement in every act of life itself
Becomes a dance within your heart, there is nothing to tell

The past is forgiven since it was all divine
The future unknown but it will turn out just fine
The present is yours, its access finally found
The depth of your life becomes such sacred, sacred ground
The Stripping Away 9/11
I woke up this morning finally free
From the attachment of how my life is “supposed” to be
For I realized the most amazing thing
That opened my heart to the fullest and made it sing
When we hold onto our plans we cannot live in the now
Of which  way our life is “supposed” to go
And forget to focus on what we truly know
That there are twists and turns and amazing surprises
That we are given what we NEED and we are truly guided

When we hold on to the thinking mind’s rigid plans
We’re not open to life being the best it possible can
Trust and surrender and intentions are keys
But they are keys to use so we can finally just BE
Be completely present and engaged in our day to day life
Strengthening gratitude, peace, and intuition while removing our strife
When we come to the end of all we have known
We will finally be free and able to let it all go!
As I ran on the beach in the early morning
I found a shell that looked like wings
I stopped for a moment and picked it up
And inside myself I felt my heart sing

I realized that I am finally free
Free to be the me I always wanted to be
Free to run, jump and fly if I choose
Free to not care at all and kick off my shoes

I leapt for joy inside of myself
I felt the ocean in its wisdom tell
That there is an ebb and flow to all of this world
That the ocean and waves could actually be heard

I had not a care in the world at this time
I felt as if the entire world was actually mine
That the birds and the sun and the sky and the sand
Were a part of me and a part of all that I am

I told the ocean I would never forget
I promised myself to have this be set
In the shell that I carried away from the beach
In the freedom that was more than within my reach

From that moment on life was never the same
I surrendered remorse, guilt, judgment and shame
I left it all in the ocean’s air
I promised myself that I would no longer care
I would own my freedom and make a stance to dare
To live fuller than I have ever lived before
To not be concerned with what was in store
To honor my path and be in each moment
To connect to my heart and soul for the sheer joy of it
To co-create my future, then surrender it all
To follow divine guidance and stand so very, very tall!
The Future is Just A Moment Away 5/06
The future is just a moment away
Just until I can breathe again
Just until my obstacles are cleared

I am desperately trying to plan for the future
The ever changing unknown destination
Will it ever be known?

For that is the question of the moment
Then the moment is gone
The questions come again
The moment is gone again

Where did all the moments go?
Planning, analyzing and trying to figure it out
But I cannot forget that the moments never return
The truth is that somewhere among the midst,
The future became the present.
The Ocean Spoke to Me Today