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You are an ideal candidate if you can place yourSElf and coaching as a priority in your life.

You are an ideal match for personal coaching if you are fully ready to make it a priority,
fully committed to do what it takes and fully willing to surrender control around the

I will help you if you have  issues with commitment, focus and control in the early part of
our work but those are necessary qualities to embody and practice to truly do the work that
I am here to facilitate with my personal coaching clients.  

I refer to each client that works with me as a "Spiritual Warrior,"  You have to be open
and willing to have things pointed out that your ego will not want to hear.  Some of the
work is painful but my definition of PAIN is Past Association/Aspect in Need - in need of
unconditional loving and a willingness to give whatever surfaces a voice to move out the
energy and free yourself from you past conditioning and old wounds.  So many people live
in denial and I consider myself a master at seeing denial and pointing it out.  This is party
due to being 100% sober from alcohol since 2001, never relapsing as I found my way to
recovery from addictions on all levels.

What truly happens in coaching is that I act as a magnet that attracts and brings up all the
toxins that are in your body, mind and soul that you need to face in order for you to BE the
joy that you already are and return to that magical child within that sees the beauty in
EVERYTHING.  Some of these are latent and dormant and the work I do will uncover the
layers of protection to get to the root and not just put a bandage on the cause.

I prefer meeting with my clients a minimum of one time per week in personal coaching.  
You will be developing new muscles and just like a personal fitness trainer, you will be
need to have conditioning mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I can see when the inner
weight comes back on in your consciousness.  Unfortunately we don't have a scale that you
can step on - you have to trust me in this process of assessment.  

Once you  have gotten to your goal/level of conditioning you can begin a maintenance
program.  That is when you leave coaching and "get off the ranch" so to speak for you
"Biggest Loser" fans, and go back home, reducing our sessions to check ins to maintain
your new way of being.

You will be losing weight emotionally - which will show up in true non-reaction and the
ability to move emotional energy through your body when necessary without judgment of
this movement.  

You will be losing weight mentally - which means that you will not be in a loop and stuck in
your mind missing out on your LIFE  by thinking and not fully engaging.

You will be losing weight spiritually which means that you will see the Truth of who you are
and embrace your divinity and inner power in this lifetime, releasing the hold the ego has
to keep you away from experiencing your true essence/Soul.

And physical weight is always connected to one of these other realms anyway so you will
shed physical weight in this process as well as shedding clutter and physical addictions.

All addictions are a product of living in the ego which is the master addiction.  

During our work you will let go of the hold of the ego and embrace your true Authentic-
Self and live with the Soul at the helm, which produces a very different and fulfilling path
in LIFE.

All sessions are 90-minutes sessions

Individual session is $112.50.

5 sessions at $105 per session is $525.00 (savings of $37.50)
7 sessions at $95.00 per session is $665.00 (savings of $122.50)
10 sessions at $92.50 per session is $925.00 (Savings of $200)
15 sessions at $87.50 per session is $1312.50  (Savings of $375)

Your savings per hour substantially increases with larger packages 90-minute sessions.  I
value commitment and dedication to yourself and to the process of life coaching.  Original
packages are packages of 5 - so we can get into the process and see if we are a true match
and you are truly ready by the end of the 5 sessions.

Personal coaching is a specifically tailored for you.  You will be sent a questionnaire prior
to your first session.  This is designed to make the most out of your coaching sessions and
lay a foundation so you don't have to spend your valuable time and money in your sessions
giving me this information.  It also helps me with insight and in creating a tailored plan
specifically for you.   

No two clients are alike and my coaching uses an intuitive approach, so your sessions will
be unique and vary from other clients.  I have some standard tools that we will cover, but I
will only know what fits for you once we begin to work together.  I value and cherish the
uniqueness in each and every "Spiritual Warrior" I work with.

My intention is NOT to keep you as a client, but give you tools and lifestyle changes that
will help you become your own personal coach - you truly know what is best for you - we all
just forget how to access that knowingness that resides in each and every one of us.

Coaching is not a quick fix.  The tools and techniques that you will learn will set you up for
success in your own life only if you practice, use them and find out what your personal

My clients are very important to me and I have a limited number of personal coaching
clients at a time. If you are feeling that you may need more time, we can schedule a time
where you will have the option to extend if you feel it is necessary.  I make every effort to
make the MOST out of your time and money.

I may recommend or require you to experience the GAME "Oh C'Mon Get Real" or attend
a workshop prior to embarking and investing in THE JOURNEY of coaching to make
certain we are a match.

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"The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you
to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called "truth." ~Dan Rather


During these sessions you come to the session with a specific issue and we work on it until
it is resolved and you feel complete.  You must be willing to stay focused on the issue at
hand in these sessions in order to get to a completion. All focused sessions are a minimum
of 90 minutes in duration and can go longer.

SWIM (Spiritual Work/Warrior in Motion) SCHOOL

These are committed days held in a beautiful private sanctuary in Lone Pine, California
where we will work on strong foundational tools and do deep and personal transformative

These all day retreats are held morning through evening with an option of an entire day or
consecutive days.  We "go" where we need to "go", do what we need to do and shift energy
from the ego to the Soul.  There are many options for the day(s) and each day will very and
whatever is intuitively is to be done, will be done.  

1 Day - $333
1 Day w/Partner or Friend - $444

2 Day - $525
2 Day w/Partner or Friend - $555

3 Day - $666
3 Day w/Partner or Friend - $777

Please contact me for details.  661.964.9203.
This is what one skeptic had to say regarding phone coaching vs. in person coaching after she
tried it:

I’ve been going to therapy for quite some time and Kimberly has been a client of mine for a
long time.  Every time she would come into my shop we would talk and I would always feel so
good afterward.  I was seeing a Life Coach at the time. When she became a Life Coach I
attended a few of her workshops in Canyon Country and loved them.  I talked her into doing
a workshop at my salon and at my home and was seeing another therapist at the time.  I
mentioned to her that I liked her style of coaching but Canyon Country seemed too far away
for my busy schedule.  Kimberly suggested phone coaching.  I was very hesitant but after
our first phone session, I was “hooked”.  I felt like I was talking to her in person and sitting
across from her.  It felt just as effective as meeting in person which I did experience with
another coach.  

Her style of coaching is like a cross between self help books and coaching.  

What I have learned since working with Kimberly is to be kinder to myself and to enjoy my
my relationship with my dog!  I have more patience and see in a more loving way.  It’s a lot
of work but it is worth it.  When I don’t do the work I feel numb, like I’m just existing and
like a car on the 405 freeway at rush hour.  When I do the work I feel so alive and just want
to hug someone! I realize I can give more to others as I give to myself!  

Marisa Cardenas, Styist/Owner, Head to Toe Salon 310.338.8689