Moment Connections
Transforming Your Life One Moment at a Time

~Mind, Body and Spirit Expo~
Saturday, October 13th, 2018
10:00 am to 6:00 pm

At this very exciting event, you will have the opportunity to connect
with like minded souls or discover a product or idea that will enhance
your life.

Explore all of the different ways to improve your well-being, quality of
life and over-all health through all of the gifted vendors which will

*  Life Coaches
*  Aura/Chakra Readings
*  Angel Card Readings
*  Energy Healing
*  Astrologer
*  Health and Fitness
*  Tarot Readings
*  Meditations
*  Intuitive Readings
*  Mediums
*  Color Intuitive
*  Jewelry, Food for sale, Raffles, and more!!

Join us at the Center for Spiritual Living – AV
1030 West Avenue L-8
Lancaster, CA 93534
For questions, please call (661) 948-0873

- if you are interested in ANY of the events below that may return in the
future, and want to be on our mailing list, please send a request to

"Tuesday Afternoon" A Course In Miracles Study Groups
Canyon Country, CA
Intermittent Tuesday Afternoons
1:45 - 3:15 p.m.
Donation Basis
No donation is necessary to attend
For more info, please contact Kimberly @ 661.964.9203
or email @

Connecting with YOUr Soul Readings
Wednesday June 10th & Wednesday July 15th 2015
between the hours of 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
At The Healing Light Resource Center
27225 Camp Plenty Rd., Suite 5 Canyon Country, CA 91351
To schedule an appointment in advance, please call 661.252.4103

During a Soul reading you will receive insights & reflections to reconnect you
back to the deepest part of yourself, referred to as the Authentic-Self or the
This aspect of us is oftentimes clouded and overlooked by stress, fear, a
feeling of being out of control and a focus on “the world of doing”.
Going on a Soul’s journey is an un-doing process and one that is intuitively
guided by YOU for YOU creating Self-reliance and a Miracle-Mindset,
resulting in seeing the world as a school for the Soul & becoming a “Happy
Learner” as one embarks on a path of Soul-living instead of ego-living.  The
Soul creates a “contextual field” in your LIFE, where the world is a place to
show you EXACTLY what you need to know to get you EXACTLY where
you are to go.  It is all divine as seen through the eyes of the Soul where
there are NO coincidences and NO resistance to what IS.  
$45 for 30 minutes*
*Choosing to do a 60 minute reading can take you deeper into this process
and includes a FREE copy of the Worldwide Anthology “Pebbles in the
Pond”, which contains Kimberly’s chapter called “Unraveling” that will
enhance your reading and deepen and anchor the experience.   

Yoga/Meditation Combination Class
Saturday July 26th - 2:30 - 4:30
In this soothing class, our nurturing Yoga Instructor, Lori Schneider will
assist you in fully opening your body so that you can fully open your mind
and be engagingly present in a closing and deep meditation, facilitated by
Kimberly Barclay.
Please bring a yoga mat.
Limited to 8 attendees
Cost $22.22
Prepayment is Required to hold your space*

A Course In Miracles - Foundation I Supplemental - Text Overview -
Chapters 1 - Chapter 14 (approx.)
Sunday July 27th - Limited to 12 attendees
1:00- 4:30ish - Cost $44.44
Prepayment is Required to hold your space*

Meditation Class
Sunday August 3rd
Limited to 12 attendees
5:00 - 6:30ish
Cost $22.22
Prepayment is Required to hold your space*

A Course In Miracles Discussion & Study Groups
Wednesday evenings - 7/30/14 & 8/6/14
Prerequisite - Foundation (Also Called "Introduction" for Antelope Valley
Center of Spiritual Living Attendees) or Foundation 1 Supplemental
Necessary to Attend -
No Exceptions
Cost $22.22
6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Limited to 12 attendees
Prepayment is Required to hold your space*
All classes will be held in Santa Clarita
Address will be provided after payment* is made.
Pre-payment* signifies commitment, intention, synergy and trust.

A Course In MIRACLES - Foundation I Class.
Saturday 5/10 @ 1:00 p.m - 5:00 p.m.
Join Us for an INSPIRATIONAL Class Based on the amazing Teachings in
We will be reviewing foundations of The Course, looking at KEY concepts,
"working" with the Course, and seeing how to transform LIFE "using" the
All attendees will receive a PDF of A Course In Miracles,
along with pertinent handouts.
Cost - $44.44
Call to register - (661) 948-0873
At the Antelope Valley Center For Spiritual Living
1030 West Avenue L-8
Lancaster, California 93534
Facilitated by Kimberly Barclay, M.A, Spiritual Psychology, Certified LIFE
Coach & Spiritual Mentor

EXPO EXTRAVAGANZA for the Mind Body & Soul
Saturday April 26th and Sunday April 27th
Core Hours are 10-4
CARE Learning Academy ~ SCV Tutors,
26883 RuetherAvenue, Canyon Country, CA 91351

Come and experience something new, get pampered, have a family photo
session, relax, unwind, stretch with a yoga instructor, purchase a gift for
yourself or someone else, enjoy some decadent chocolate, cupcakes and a
soothing cup of healthy coffee.  Plus much more!!!
Here’s the current “line up”.  (Subject to Change)**

Harriette Birnholz Knight, Psychic Readings & Healing Jewelry
Shawneen Senner-Rubay, Cooking With Gratitude, Gifts for Dogs & Humans
Charity Mosher, Organo Gold Coffee – Saturday only
Donna Glass-Phelan & Robin Keys, Garden Party Girls - Amazing crafts
Lori Schnieder, Yoga Instructor – Treat yourself to a Restorative Yoga
Session –Saturday only
Kim Larsen of PK's Chocolates – Saturday Only
Constancia Andrade, Isidora Designs  Amazing Custom Bags – Sunday Only
Terri Allen & Melissa Giovo Dawson, of doTERRA International, Oils,
diffusers, products & Aroma Touch Treatment
LeeAnn Taylor, Angel Readings – Saturday Only
Ashaki Rucker & Ilene Glickstein, Inspirational Ts of iDefyneMe
Summer Spigno, Facials, Spray Tanning, Glitter Tattoos - Sun Only
Denise Van Arsdale-West, Makeup artist & Mary Kay products
Yolie Birds for Some Stylin’ Hair
Zuzana Hutyra – Spiritual Life Coach – Guidance and Upliftment
Patty Collins Burroughs, Jewelry Designer and Artist – Emerald Spirit
Carol Woodliff-author – Healing Shamanic Sessions & Energy Readings
Abi Caruthers, Hypnosis with Abi – Sunday only
Carol Pilkington, Astrology Readings
Jeanne Sawyer, Swedish Massage
Tina Landrum & Jessica Megali, Light Body Crystal Elixir Sprays – Sun Only
Christina Cooper, Intuitive Readings
Stephanie Crivello Chabot of Chabot Cake Creations - Cupcakes – Sat Only
Caren Knott, Independent Gia Wellness Consultant – Cell Phone Protection
& Revitalizing Water – Saturday Only
Lindsay Helen Schlick of Schlick Art for amazing photos - Business Head
Shots, Family Pictures or Couples Photos.
Alicia Harris CoverUps – Amazing Wraps
Oriana John of Whitening Lightning – for the WHITEST SMILE , Teeth
Whitening & Waxing
Jeannine Boswell, Body, Mind and Soul Alinements Service and Salt Lamps
& Eye Pillows
Susan Luboviski – Miche’ Purses – Saturday Only
Patty Sjolin – Scentsy – Saturday Only
Amber Anderson – Scentsy – Sunday Only
Melissa Morgan – Beadz and Bitz – Saturday Only
Sue Cowling & Jennifer Ramos – The Idea Innovators – Business
Kaylene Hayes – Kalyene’s Koffee Krumb Kakes Sunday Only
Alexander Hafizi, Javita Coffee Company, Weight Loss Coffee & Green Tea
– Sunday Only
Mia Almendarez, Burke William’s Spa Manicurist – Saturday Only
For ?s about the expo/to schedule an appointment in advance, contact
Kimberly Barclay at 661.964.9203
**For updates and adds and location details, please visit our FaceBook Page
“Visionary Connections” and check under events.  

Classes will be held June & July
Cost - $22.22 per class

Meditation is a way to a deeper, richer, healthier LIFE.  
It is how we connect with the Authentic-Self and have an opportunity to
witness how the ego plays out in our mind.  

Deepak Chopra states that “A thinking mind is a turbulent mind” & this class
will help you quiet your mind & learn how to focus & be in the moment.  
When our mind is peaceful, the outer world becomes peaceful.  We react
less & gain creativity.  We stop getting thrashed around by circumstances &
experience resiliency, inspiration & peace.

Facilitated by Kimberly Barclay, M.A. Spiritual Psychology, Certified Life
Coach & Spiritual Mentor